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The Era of the "Small Business Consultant"
Has Arrived For You

"I target in on

what you need

to position

your firm best in the


Often, "fire, ready, aim" works better in business.
How You Benefit From A Small Business Consultant
These jack-of-all-trades marketing experts assist you, the president, vice president-marketing, sales manager or business owner, etc., in planning, problem solving and revving up your marketing. They take what they've learned from years of general marketing experience with perhaps hundreds of companies in many diverse fields and apply it to your specific short and long-term marketing and promotional needs.

A Business Consultant Brings You New Insight
It's not critical whether a business consultant has direct experience in your particular field. In fact, it's often better if he doesn't. What he offers is broad " marketing experience ." And this gives him perspective to see those things that you can no longer see—such as local and national competitive trends and/or new technologies that can reduce your business or increase it. Or tactics to become number one in your city or marketplace. Insights from such coaches can reveal the keys to improved success. And a step-by-step approach to getting there. Starting right now.

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